Caution: Testosterone Overload!

With our family scattered across several different cities in different States it is a very rare occurrence these days to have all four of our children under one roof at the same time. This weekend was one of those moments. While the real reason was a wedding shower for our youngest daughter, Lori and I decided to give the guys a little bonding time the night before. And what better way for a bunch of guys to bond than over axes and beer!

We headed down to Flying Axes, where my son, son-in-law, soon to be son-in-law and “hopefully” soon to be son-in-law joined me for an hour of ax throwing and beer drinking…a perfectly sane combination, right? I’ll let the photos do most of the talking today.

Coach: “Don’t bleed on my ax!” Nick: “Say what?”
Coach: “Because I can see your testosterone swelling with each sip of beer, we will use these calipers to score, not your ego!”
Evan the nice guy: “I can’t look, I might break something!”
Nick: “Where are those calipers!” The first sign of testosterone flair up.
Nick: “Missed it by that much!” Evan: “Whatever. I can still kick your ass…all of you…at once!”
Young Guns…it’s about to get deep!
“I have the form of a god!”
“Yeah, well I have the form of a Jedi warrior!”
And so it begins!
“Did so!” “Did not!”
“You throw like a girl!” “You throw like a pussy!” “Careful, I have an ax!”
“And that’s how it is done boys!”
“5 throws, loser buys the beer!”
“Double or nothing!”
A good time was had by all

A few things I learned:

Nick: The king of clutch, don’t ever bet him for a beer. He looked at his opponent, said, “Sure, I’ll throw for the next beer,” and casually threw the ax…bullseye!

Evan: The gentle giant, don’t make him mad…he is bigger and a lot stronger than me. When he threw the ax “with one hand” the building shook. Or was that the beer?

David: The Incredibles, he comes from a family of superheroes. He is the newest member of our clan so he wants to be nice and respectful, but I can see the testosterone bubbling to the surface…especially when faced with his new nemesis…

Tyler the Master of Disaster,  don’t bet against him, like his grandpa Crum, he will find a way to turn a loss into a win. He is one of those guys who is naturally good at everything, like his mother…kind of makes me sick!

All I can say is that it is a good thing for them I just had surgery and couldn’t throw…I would have shown them how it was done!



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