If you want to engage my wife in a passionate conversation just ask her about the drinking glasses in our cabinet. She will let you know immediately that we only have two kinds: beer glasses and coffee mugs…and I’m the only person in the house who drinks beer or coffee.  It’s true, I have dominated the cabinet with my collection for some time now.

I’ll just go ahead and admit this right up front; I’m a weirdo. I’ve got a thing for cups and mugs. No idea why, but I can’t seem to resist a rustic, hand-crafted coffee mug or unique beer glass. Nearly every time I go to the Asheville area on the bike I head to the art district and start looking for a hand-thrown mug…like I really need one. I mean, when people hear that I have more than one motorcycle they usually say, “Why? You can only ride one at a time.” Same for cups and mugs; I can only drink out of one at a time. How boring it would be to open my cabinet and only have one mug and one glass!

Before venturing out last week on my annual search for this year’s release of Kentucky Breakfast Stout, I purchased a KBS glass for myself and a friend. I told him that for me, the vessel being used is nearly as important as the liquid held within. When I get up in the morning and brew coffee, I don’t just reach in the cabinet and grab whatever mug is up front. I take a moment and consider my mood for the day then grab the vessel that “feels right.” I’m even more weird than you thought!

Same is true for beer, although I will also take into account the style of beer I am drinking. Different vessels are made to accentuate the taste of particular beers. Ultimately though, the decision is made like my morning coffee mug; my attitude at the time determines my selection. What do I want to hold in my hand and sip from? I realize this is probably the oddest thing I’ve ever written…I promise I stopped taking my pain meds a long time ago!

Both coffee and beer are just a couple of life’s simple pleasures for me. You might be surprised to know that as much as coffee has meant to me in my life, I only drink 1-2 cups a day. It is more about savoring the brew than the amount I consume. Same is true for beer. When I was young, yeah I drank a lot. I drank to be drunk, no other reason. Those days are long gone. I have no interest in that type of drinking. When I have a beer, I have 1. And I take the time to taste the flavors, appreciate the skill taken to craft it…and enjoy the vessel that houses it. It elevates the experience. That’s why I rarely drink a beer from the can or bottle.

Now that I have totally freaked you out with my weirdness you’ll probably never read my foolish ramblings again. But hopefully you’ll stick around; I’ve got a few things to say…and bike weather is about to break loose so we’ve got trips to take…and maybe a few mugs to buy!

This is just a small sampling!




6 thoughts on “Vessels

      1. I need to grab some Sumatra…haven’t roasted any in a while. Just be prepared for sticker shock if you shop hand-thrown mugs. I’d be embarrassed to tell you what I paid for a couple of those in the photo!

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