A Lucky Man

I’m a lucky man and I know it. It is a wonderful Sunday afternoon, sun shining, the thermometer bouncing off the 60 degree mark. I’m in my garage, a very nice space, watching the opening race of the 2018 MotoGP (thanks to my friend Matt and his enthusiasm for the series). The garage door is up and I’m looking out over my 3 wonderful motorcycles. I think the Super Duke just winked at me…or maybe it is the Bearded Iris Homestyle in my glass.

My wife and I spent the morning talking about what fortunate people we are. We have good jobs, a nice home and four of the most wonderful children any parent could ever hope for. They are all unique, all special in their own way and we love them all dearly.And then there are our grandchildren. Two awesome little boys who are without a doubt “all boy,” and a three year old granddaughter who I’m pretty sure is already 13 in her head. The world is theirs to own.

So far 2018 has been the 2nd most challenging year of my life. Last year holds the title but I give thanks daily that my oldest daughter and her husband have demonstrated what strong individuals they are and faced their health challenge head on. Their strength keeps me sane.

I began this year with an illness that left me struggling just to complete a full day’s work and it never let up. It seems like I’ve gone through nearly every test that Dr. Frankenstein could possibly think of, but in reality, it’s been nothing compared to what many people face in the course of their life. I’ve had a few better days lately, but 3 months of pain and inactivity has wore me down. On a positive note, I’m going to be down to a weight I have not seen since I was 40 years old! Wrong way, but right results. Later this week I’m heading back to B-town to see if can get patched up and get on with my life…a big thank you to all my friends, family and co-workers who have shared their concern, well wishes, prayers and helped carry my load.

I’ve got lots of hopeful plans for the remainder of the year…talk to you soon!



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