By the Grace of God, all of Them!

For the  first time this year, I got the bikes out of the garage and onto the pavement…all three of them! Doesn’t sound like much I know, but this has been a rough year already. Some random illness decided to attack me back in December and the source has eluded doctors for nearly 11 weeks now. I’ve had every sort of test and scan you can think of and for the most part, I’m in pretty darn good health for an old guy; except for this nagging pain that has left me barely functioning, and barely sleeping. I finally told them to just cut me open and start looking around. My lovely wife has had the patience of a saint but I’m thinking even a saint has his or her limit. And believe me, I have tested hers!

Today I was out in the garage, watching a motorcycle video and finally I just said “Screw it! I’m getting on a bike.” So I got on all three. I took a lap on each, Tom Petty blowing through my helmet at a concert level decibel…and it was wonderful! It feels good to be alive…and soon I hope it will feel good to feel normal again… by the Grace of God.



One thought on “By the Grace of God, all of Them!

  1. Glad you got to log some pavement. Hope you get through this rough spell soon. It always seems never ending when you’re in it, but once you get through it’s just an amazing landmark in your mirror.

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