Chomping at the Bit

First things first: my account was hacked recently, so I’ve been mostly ignoring all sorts of social media lately, thus the reason for the period of silence…which may alter my future plans on how I treat this blog.

I’m sitting in my garage on this Friday morning, watching the impact of Harvey on our local weather pattern. Kind of hard to complain about some wind and rain when Texas and the South has been hit so hard, so enough said there.

I travelled to South Carolina for work last week and since I was only about 160 miles from Asheville, I rode the bike instead of flying. Circumstances tuned the trip into an Interstate run down and back, not my favorite stye of riding, but I’ve got to say the Tiger handled it all well. I ran two 600 mile days no problem. I didn’t have much time for exploration while I was there, so all I have is a handful of shots:

The Departure
The Destination
Rural South Carolina
I Like Old Churches
Had to Travel 30 Miles to find a Brewery

I was trying to thread 2 storms on my way home and I almost made it…almost. In Northeastern Tennessee I encountered a deadly combination of torrential rain and fog…for at least 40 miles! I thought it would never end. If I had taken a GoPro shot from the saddle all you would see was gray. One car in front of me ran into the mountain because of visibility. It was so hard to see that I could only make out the taillights of a semi in front of me by staying uncomfortably close. Why didn’t I pull over? And do what? Sit in a downpour along side the road and become a target for a wandering vehicle? When you are on a bike and the rain comes down so hard that you cannot see the road and there is nowhere to pull off and get under cover, you really have no good options but to hit the flashers, slow down, concentrate on the road ahead…a say a little prayer. Thankfully I made it. The next 150 miles were just a steady rain. I can deal with that.

Oh yeah, my expensive Klim gear leaked. What the heck? The only reason I did not wear my Roadcrafter instead was because I thought I would boil in the South Carolina heat, but it wasn’t hot at all. I have the new version of the Roadcrafter and they solved the leaking crotch problem so I no longer take it off after riding in the rain and look like I have a bladder control problem. Still the best, safest, most convenient piece of riding gear ever designed for a road rider…in my humble opinion. No, not fashionable, but I really don’t care. It works.

Well, time to move. My wife is on a girl’s shopping trip to New York City…sharing a hotel bed with her best friend…more to come on that! Haha. I’m not returning to work until Wednesday, so the bikes and I have plans to make. They are all lined up saying, “Pick me! Pick me!”

Chomping at the Bits




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