All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

Not exactly true. I’ve got places to go and had intended to be on my way to those unknown new discoveries hours ago. I planned a week of bike riding and craft beer discovery over the next several days. I chose to wait to pull out till this morning because I hate paying for hotels for just myself and was hoping to avoid the higher rates. The bike was readied, gear was packed and the general idea of the trip accepted…keeping in mind that I am the kind of guy who will head out for Wisconsin and end up in Upstate New York…true story.

99 times out of 100 I’d prefer to head to the North Carolina mountains, making Asheville my headquarters. I’ve done it so many times now that Asheville feels like a second home. But with this oppressive heat we are experiencing I decided it was time to go North. Plus, there is a big, wonderful world to see beyond the Appalachian Mountains. So, after some painful debate between new Glarus in Madison, Wisconsin and Founders in Michigan, Founders got the nod. The reason? The Tunnel of Trees Road near Traverse City and predicted highs of 69 degrees.

About 4:00 AM I awoke to the sound of…thunder. What the heck? I’ve studied the forecast on 3 different apps at least a dozen times. I didn’t see this storm coming or I would have left Saturday. So here I sit in the garage, writing this piece, the Super Duke a few feet away, all dressed up with nowhere to go. At least for the moment.

Just to be clear, I’m not afraid of riding in the rain. I’ve ridden in torrential downpours for hours, thunderstorms and near tornadoes, just like any rider who chooses to travel by bike. In fact, I actually enjoy riding in the rain sometimes. There is something peaceful about how things quiet down around you. If I’m on a trip, I don’t let the weather deter me. But when it comes to starting out, I prefer a little better launch than a heavy Thunderstorm.

So I guess the trip either gets delayed a day or starts late today. Either way, I’m hoping to ride some great roads, enjoy some cooler weather and collect a few more bottle caps for my map on the wall.



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