Brewery Run/Peace of Mind Ride #3: Country Boy Brewing

I invited Gregg Allman to tag along with me on today’s Brewery/Peace of Mind ride. Yeah, that Gregg Allman. Well, maybe I didn’t actually get him to go with me, but I got his music. I tuned in the helmet speakers to a little Low Country Blues, Laid Back and Eat a Peach. Made for a great traveling companion and a peaceful and introspective journey.

When I moved to Louisville, one of the first “local” craft beers that I discovered was Country Boy Brewing. They were founded just a few months before I made my move but wasted no time putting out some very fine and interesting beers. Their facility was located in Lexington, so I climbed on the Street Triple and headed over to check them out. The brewery was in a somewhat cramped industrial area downtown but their space was comfortable and the beer always tasty.

Well, apparently they have been doing something right because they recently established a second location and moved their brewing and canning operation to Georgetown, KY. It is a large facility with that wonderful, indoor/outdoor feel. Lots of tables, lots of space and lots of beer. Today they had 24 different beers on tap, all their own creation.

It seemed like the kind of place a Southern man like Mr. Allman would enjoy, with the backwoods name and pick-up truck logo, so off I went, making my way to Country Boy Brewing. I took the long way to Georgetown, passing Wild Turkey Distillery, then coming up north, just missing Woodford Distillery and the city of Lexington. I  wandered down a peaceful two-lane road lined with horse farms, bright green grass and a canopy of trees. You couldn’t ask for a better road. Unfortunately, as often is the case, I did not stop to take any photos so you will have to take my word for it.

The Georgetown facility is in an open, industrial area, across from the Toyota plant.

It was mostly deserted today, as I suppose people were at the lake or at friends and family having cookouts. Their loss, my gain. I have had most of the Country Boy staple beers so I opted for a sampler of some of their short run brews. I had a wonderfully drinkable Pale Ale, an Espresso Stout, an experimental IPA and a Sour…all delicious. 

I can only believe that the size of this new facility means I will be seeing more Country Boy beer for a long time to come. That’s good news for 2 reasons: I like their product and it makes for a great ride. About the Men’s urinal though…sort of reminds me of going to a sporting event…only much cleaner!




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