I’m on vacation so I thought I’d go a little crazy. Yeah, that’s right, I’m having cake for breakfast! (and, yes Morgan, it is chocolate cake with white icing!). 

Some of the other things I’ve done this week:

Started every morning with a cup of coffee on the beach. Beats the heck out of Starbuck’s view

Spent every single day sitting in this chaise basking in the sun. It’s like church; Lori has our spot scientifically picked out based on the sun vs palm trees and woe to anyone who tries to sit here…throws the entire day out of balance! We get up so much earlier than everyone else that its never an issue

Drank some really fine IPAs from Cigar City

Drank a lot of Bell’s Oberon ( a great beach beer)

Tried out a local brewery and brought a crowler of Liquid Sunshine back to the Tiki

Had blackened grouper at Grouper and Chips, twice

Also had BBQ, jalepeno stuffed, bacon wrapped shrimp, buffalo shrimp, chilled shrimp and cajun crab cakes wiith jalepeno mustard (I will travel 1,000 miles for a good crab cake or a stellar fish sandwich…and maybe a lobster roll too!)

Ate Aurelio’s pzza 3 times!

Hung out with the President. That’s him looking like he is abaout to be slapped (most likely deserves it!)

Watched a model (of some sort) photo shoot

Swam in the pool, played in the Gulf (and could hear my mother say, “Watch out for sharks!”)

Walked the beach many times

Pretended I was retired and never had to go back to work again

Determined that the currently favored bikini bottom style for young women is what I will call “cheeky,” and, yes, I’m okay with it!

Watched the greatest show on earth every evening



 So basically I did nothing! The only way it could be any better would be if I could stay another month…or maybe forever. 




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