Brewery Run #1

I said in this space a few weeks ago that I thought I might center some of my riding adventures around brewery visits this year. I made my first such run last Saturday. Braxton Brewing in Covington, Kentucky was celebrating their 2nd anniversary and it just so happened I was in need of a therapy ride. So, I saddled up the Super Duke and headed northeast along the river towards Cincinnati.

I made it to Covington just about opening time so the crowd hadn’t gathered yet. Live music, lots of good beer and a few food trucks greeted my arrival.

It was a nice place with a good atmosphere. I’m sure I will make a return trip.

I ended having their newest IPA, Revamp, along with a fish Empanada. I hung around for a bit and listened to the band before heading back home. Since it isn’t wise to be consuming much alcohol and riding or driving, I brought a little sample home.

All in all I put about 250 miles on the Super Duke. Here’s to good days…may they follow us all.



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