Old Men and Their Garages

With the exception of the time I was riding the Duke, I spent the entire day yesterday in my garage. I was actually working part of the time, but I wasn’t turning a wrench or adding any accessories to a bike. No, I was creating a PowerPoint. Yeah, I know, no fun at all, but work was piling up on me and it was better than going into the plant to my office, so I sat at the bar in my garage, played some music on the Sonos and tried to get caught up.img_0311

At the condo complex we recently moved from, it was not uncommon to drive through the lot and see several garage doors up, older gentlemen sitting inside on a recliner, waving at every passerby. Not only did I not understand the desire to do this, I poked fun at the idea.

Not anymore. I have officially joined the ranks of old guys and their garages. Minus the recliner of course. Instead, I opted for a bar. When we made the decision to downsize our living space, I only asked for one thing: the garage. Well, half of it. There is no way my wife is going to give up her primo parking space!

The only things in our garage now are the items I want to be here: tool cabinets, a motorcycle gear closet, a beer fridge, espresso machine, bar, bikes and bourbon. Oh, and a 42″ TV on the wall so I can watch motorcycle videos or play a concert now and then. In a couple weeks I’m going to pull the trigger and order Race Deck flooring.

So, what do I do out here and why? Well, I really did do a lot of work yesterday and the garage was a good place to slip away and get it done. It is 68 degrees, so it’s warmer than our house and once the flooring is down it will be just about as comfortable. My wife really enjoys reading…and she doesn’t care for my music too much, so out here in the garage I can play Springsteen, The Stones or Blackberry Smoke and it doesn’t bother her. A couple days ago I watched the 2016 Ironman GNCC, not something she would find riveting. And truthfully, I’m a very solitary person, which is why I keep my garage door closed!img_0312

For a motorcycle addict like myself, it doesn’t hurt to be sitting in the same room as your bikes. I used to tell Lori I wanted to buy a Ducati Panigale just so I could park it in the living room and look at it. She was not on board with that idea. So, instead of bringing a bike inside, I joined them in the garage! Hmm, wonder where I could park that Ducati?


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