I just got back from a quick, early morning ride on the Super Duke. The feel of Fall in the air, the sky a deep blue and the sun unimpeded by clouds. An absolutely beautiful day on one of the most exciting motorcycles on the market today. Everything is just about perfect. And I”m depressed. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Every September I take a week off from work, pack up one of my bikes and head for the mountains of North Carolina. Every September. Always. For a week. Riding mountain roads, drinking craft beer and brewing steaming cups of freshly roasted coffee with my Jetboil at a scenic overlook or lakeside, shrouded in the early morning fog that cool elevations bring.img_3321

It’s a week with no razor, no timeline, no destination, no responsibilities, no worries. Days filled with wandering exploration and nights filled with sampling North Carolina’s many local Octoberfest beers. Love those Octoberfests. Did I mention I do this every year? Except this year. Thus the depression.

I’m not really depressed; I’m a big boy and things happen. Unfortunately this year it just wasn’t in the cards to get away. I made it to the mountains twice this year but both trips were quick runs and the weather was cold and sketchy on the first one…and wet on the second.

So, as they say, “better luck next year.” I’m already scheming and dreaming about where and when I can ride to next year. It is those dreams that will keep me going this winter when taking a ride means bundling up like Randy in A Christmas Story.




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