Repeat Offender

Have you ever enjoyed something so much that you ended up buying it more than once? Maybe it is something practical like a good fitting pair of jeans (Lucky is the only thing in my closet). Or maybe you bought a car that just does everything you want and you wouldn’t consider anything else. I know a person who will only buy Jeeps. Another friend will only allow red Fords in his garage. I’ve met Chevy guys, F150 lovers, the Vette faithful and women who feel the need to own every Kate Spade purse made!

Dear Lori, you deserve them all!
Dear Lori, you deserve them all!

Well, I’ve got my own issue when it comes to being a repeat offender. For example, I have 4 Chemex coffee brewers. I have at least that many French Presses. I suspect there are 4-6 Hario 60 drip brewers, 2 Aeropesses, 3 Vac pots, 2 Kalita Wave brewers, 2 hand grinders and who knows what else…more duplicate coffee devices than I can keep track of.

The big one for me, though, is motorcycles. Currently, I have three motorcycles. I did have four and at one time I had five. If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, “You have how many bikes? What for? Don’t you know you can only ride one at at a time?” well, I’d have enough dollars for a fourth bike! Not only do I own multiple bikes, I have owned the same model more than once. For example, the Suzuki DR650 has been in my garage at least twice…and I wouldn’t mind a third! They are the Zombie Apocalypse bike of choice for me…or more practically, a great world traveler.

DR650 #1 and my daughter Cailin
DR650 #1 and my daughter Cailin

The RM125 motocross bike? Also Twice. As much as my mind would love a third, my body isn’t so sure it can cash the check.

RM125 #2
RM125 #2

Ducati Multistrada? Twice. It is the BMWs that really got me though: F650? Two of them. The GS 1200? Again, 2 (Sounds like I’m building an Ark, doesn’t it?). To be fair, one was an 1150 and the other a 1200, but they are basically the same bike. The one that it took me the longest to get out of my system though was the BMW RT. Not once, not twice, but three times an RT graced my garage! Gee, now that I wrote all that down I’m starting to feel like I might have a “problem.”

RT #2. The best looking one!
RT #2. The best looking one!

What’s worse is that I’m pretty sure I’m not done buying the same bike over again. I just got back from a ride on the 690 Duke. That thing is ridiculous! If you have never ridden one you really need to. The problem is that KTM just keeps making the thing better each year so no doubt one of these days I will get a wild hair, sell it, then realize what a stupid mistake that was and buy another one. My 1290 Super Duke fall in the buy again category too. Partly because it is absolutely fantastic but mainly because KTM just released its touring version, the 1290 Super Duke GT. I will resist as long as I can…and as long as Lori is paying attention to the bank account!

The new GT
The new GT

Another bike I’m pretty sure will grace my garage again, probably before any other, is a classic Triumph. I sold my Scrambler to my friends Matt and Jami and I’ve already told Matt I want it back! Haha. In one of those moments where I thought selling made good financial sense I offered it up. Should have sold the Vstrom instead! Not only did mine have many costly accessories, it had been tuned by my mechanic, Chad at Commonwealth, and it ran better than new. So now I’m lusting again over the Triumphs. The only question to answer is do I want one of the new motors, maybe a Bonnie T120…

The new Bonnie T120
The new Bonnie T120

Or do I just want another Scrambler? Let’s make it Matte Pacific Blue this time.

Not mine...but I wish it was!
Not mine…but I wish it was!

Mostly right now I’m just hoping Lori doesn’t read this blog!

On the bright side, she dropped me off at the shop yesterday to get some work done on a bike and while she was there she bought me a Triumph T-shirt. Maybe that’s a sign. After all, I have a philosophy that you should never wear a shirt advertising a motorcycle that you don’t actually own!



2 thoughts on “Repeat Offender

  1. “I just got back from a ride on the 690 Duke. That thing is ridiculous! If you have never ridden one you really need to.”

    You pusher, you… 😉 The biggest mistake a motorbike-aholic can make is throwing a leg over another ride.

    Entertaining read, Shep.

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