Lick and a Promise

I have never owned a Harley Davidson motorcycle. It’s not that I have anything against the brand…well, that’s not true, I do have a problem with them. They have too much chrome! And when you have all that chrome you’ve got to keep it clean or it just looks bad. Cleaning bikes is one part of the ownership experience that I’m just not into. Heck, I don’t even wash my car. Just ask Lori; if it gets washed, she does it.

One of the reasons I like adventure bikes like the GS or Tiger or even my Vstrom is that since they want you to believe they are overweight dirt bikes, they look good dirty. More than that, they need to be dirty! It is like verifying their implied purpose: this bike can go off-road and my layers of dirt, mud and road grime prove it.

I have never bought bikes based on their looks. Sure, I enjoy a good looking machine and I have owned plenty, but function is what I’m after. I want them to work the way I intend to ride them. Plus, if they don’t look all that hot, I don’t feel pressured into keeping them clean. But, dammit, I’ve gone and bought another “cool” looking bike and I can’t stand to see it dirty! Whether or not the Super Duke is a “good looking” bike is up for debate, but I don’t think there is much question that it has an appearance that demands attention. I rolled into a gas station the other day, coasting past 3 young men in their late teens or early twenties. I overhead one of them say, “Man, that is one bad ass bike!” Yep, it sure is.

Last week I rode through a sea of bugs that would have rivaled one of the plagues of Moses and the Egyptians. When I got home, the big, flat “Spy vs Spy” nose of the Super Duke looked like the loser in a paintball competition. Seeing as how it is brand new, I was forced to wash it.

Well, I decided to take it out early today to beat the rain. The roads were all wet from the night before and this bike doesn’t have a whole lot of rear fender to protect the bike from the spray generated by that massive 190 rear tire. In fact, it’s got a great big, gaping hole in it! IMG_3134IMG_3136So, the bike was a mess by the time I got home…and I had to wash it again! That’s twice in two weeks! Unheard of. Something’s got to give here. Wonder how tacky it would look if I mounted a mudflap on the back?yosimateLater,


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