323 Days

I used to be one of those riders that kept track of their mileage. When I came back from a day ride I could tell you how many miles I rode, like it was a point of pride or something. Probably was. I knew how many miles I rode in a year, as if riding 15,000 miles a year made me a “better” or more serious motorcyclist than the rider who only managed 5,000 miles. I stopped doing all that years ago. I guess I finally realized I have nothing to prove to anyone.

There are some other ways that my riding has changed over the years. For one, I’ve started hanging on to bikes longer. I used to keep bikes two years max, sometimes even less than a year. While I still entertain the idea of buying and selling regularly (more like constantly!), I don’t pull the trigger nearly so often. Maybe I understand better what I want in a bike these days, or maybe I don’t like wasting money.

Will I buy or sell something this year? Who knows…I sure don’t! Sometimes I think of selling the Vstrom, however, the thing works so darn well as a distance traveler. And it isn’t worth that much. I consider letting the Scrambler go…until I start it up and hear that rumble…and have 10 people tell me every time I ride it just how cool of a bike it is. As for the 690 Duke, forget it…if it goes up for sale I have either discovered motorcycle nirvana or I am broke! I do still have a deposit on a 2016 African Twin. I think it sounds like a great bike, but I probably won’t buy it. I am still hot for the Super Duke though. If I buy a bike this year, I expect it to be the Super Duke or Super Duke GT.KTM-Duke-GT4

Another change that has taken place that I’m not quite as happy about is the amount of riding opportunities that I let slip through my grasp. I used to get up early on a Saturday morning, nearly every Saturday morning that the weather was tolerable, and take off for an all day ride. I don’t do that so much anymore. There are probably several reasons, but one of them is very simple: I really like being with my wife. There, I said it! I love my wife! After 21 years, I like being with her every bit as much as I did in the beginning, and many of you know I’m not the most social person. In fact, I’m mostly a loner. But she doesn’t count.

And she doesn’t ride. Make no mistake, though, she never discourages me from riding. She never says, “Stay home with me today.” In fact, she usually says, “Why don’t you go ride?” Or, “You didn’t ride very long today.” Hmm. Almost sounds like…she’s trying to get rid of me! I need to take advantage of her “supportive” nature and get those bikes out of the garage more this year.

323 days. That’s how many days (based on weather) the Aerostich calendar says I have the opportunity to ride while living in Louisville. What the calendar didn’t take into account, however, is just how damn lovable my wife is!ride days



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