I Should Have Known It

I should have known better. I did know better. But I did it anyway. I sent my friend Chris, coffee roaster, owner and head honcho (well, his wife Leah may have a different opinion!) of LaGrange Coffee Roasters a request Friday: “Can I come and run a batch of greens through your roaster? Oh, and can you provide the greens?” Being the super nice guy that he is, he kindly offered to let me spend a little time behind his machine, the same one I used to use to roast Motorhead Coffee.

And of course I thoroughly enjoyed it…as I knew I would. It was probably a big mistake. I was like an alcoholic wandering into a micro brewery…I got the shakes. Scooping those aromatic Ethiopian greens from the burlap bag was enough to cause beads of sweat to break out on my forehead. Running them up to temperature and catching a whiff of the wonderful caramelization of the sugars caused a few drops of drool to escape the corner of my mouth. I licked my lips and ever so cautiously turned my head from side to side to make sure no one saw the lust growing in my eyes. And then it came: first crack. The snap of the beans, the smoke, the aroma and then…coffee. I had just turned cold, hard, green seeds into the most wonderful of all elixirs…well, except maybe for craft beer…coffee! I felt like shouting, “Hallelujah!” I felt like reading chapter 1 from the book of Genesis out loud…”In the beginning God created….” Yeah, so I really liked it a lot!

My wife asked me this morning if I tried the coffee I roasted yet and did I enjoy roasting it. “I cautiously said, “Sure, it was okay.” She was not fooled. “I knew it was a bad idea to let you go roast coffee!” So wise is my wife…she’s probably moving all our money at this very moment to an account with only her name on it! FullSizeRender (20)

So, yeah, my name is Shep and I’m a coffee roasting addict.




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