Beans, Beer & the Blue Ridge

I’m writing this morning from an overlook somewhere on the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville. I’m supposed to be in Maine. Yeah, I know, it’s the other direction. And, no, I didn’t look at the map upside down. Let’s just say my life has grown somewhat complicated this year. Or, maybe I’m just cursed when it comes to a trip to New England. Every time I head that way something seems to go wrong.

So, I decided to make the best of it and head south for a few days or winding roads, craft beer and camaraderie. I’ve been tryinig to get down here all summer to meet a coffee roaster that I recently became acquainted with. We’d never met in person and I was anxious to see their shop and hear about their endeavors. I spent a good hour at Bean Werks in Asheville last night, bending the owner’s ear with stories of coffee success, failure and dreams yet dreamed.

I had no more than walked outside to my bike when I met another new friend. Gary was busy packing away his riding jacket into the saddlebag of his new BMW R1200GS Water Boxer…low suspension model…my kind of guy! We struck up a conversation, found out we had a friend or two in common and spent a good twenty minutes talking bikes, family and life in general. 

From there I headed out to my favorite local bar, The Thirsty Monk, for some fine craft beer. So, no, I’m not sitting on an oceanside dock, eating Lobster Rolls, nor am I meandering my way through quaint villages in Vermont like I had imagined I would be doing right now. Sometimes you just have to take what you can get…and sometimes it ain’t half bad.



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