The Hunt for Great Octoberfest

We are rapidly approaching one of my favorite times of the year. Summer is on it’s last leg and Fall has not taken hold. September may very well be the best month, and for good reason.

Not only are the days more temperate and the nights carrying just the slightest hint of refreshing chill, but it’s also the month that I like to pack up my bike and head out…somewhere…anywhere…no agenda, changing my mind and direction as my mood and the weather dictates. No rules. No one to tell me where to go (well, I may have overstated that one!) or what to do. This year is no exception; I will be hitting the road soon.

But there is another reason I enjoy this time of year: Octoberfest beer. Yes, I’m a fan. Not too many craft beer styles I don’t enjoy, but this is one that I particularly look forward to. A couple years ago I struck gold by scoring these two favorite things at once; my bike trip took me to Asheville right when the many microbreweries released their Octoberfest offerings. I showed up at the Thirsty Monk only to discover brats on the grill and a sample of all the Octoberfests I could hold…and safely ride back to my hotel!

This year I went on a search for as many different Octoberfest beers as I could find. So far I have brought home beers from about 10 different breweries to compare. I have sampled about half and have not found a dud in the bunch. I enjoyed every one. Here are some of the brews that have parted my lips in my search for the Great Octoberfest:FullSizeRender (7)FullSizeRender (13)

Highland Brewing is the only Asheville brewery that distributes in my neck of the woods. Their Clawhammer got me in the moto vagabond mood. FullSizeRender (9)

If you are a fan of Octoberfest beers, I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what your favorite is or what one I’ve missed that I should try. And if you work at, own or just know of a microbrewery within a day or two’s ride from Kentucky, let me know…maybe I will just ride there and give yours a sample!




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