Disappearing Act

I wrote a blog this morning entitled “Does Anyone Know a Good Yoga Instructor” or something like that. At least one person read it because they commented on it…then it disappeared. I wrote it on my iPad using the WordPress app and now it has vaporized into the unknown.

I would like to say that I spent hours slaving away on that post and that it was a masterpiece of literary architecture unparalleled by any modern day blogger. I could say that it made Hemingway look like a greeting card writer…but none of those things are true. So, you didn’t miss much. 

This post is mostly just an experiment. I ditched the WordPress app and am using a different app to see if I get better results. Well, I’m pretty sure that no app is going to improve my writing! If you get alerts when I post, well, sorry to interrupt you day with such a trivial post, but I want to make sure things are functioning properly for the next moment when I am struck with a flash of genius inspiration and gushing with poetic prose. Yeah, sickening isn’t’ it? 

Well, I’m about ready to hit the “publish” button. Wish me luck.



3 thoughts on “Disappearing Act

  1. You write good Jamie. Keep it up! I enjoy your blogs. Our family connections have dwindled but it’s good hear from the Shepherd family anyway we can. I miss your mother, she was the last in dads family except for cousins. So many times I’ve needed a question answered about family history.

    1. Thanks Connie. I miss her too. It’s like the end of an era, which I suppose it is. It somehow makes me feel sort of disconnected to all the things that made up my life to this point. One of the cruelties of time is the distance it can create.

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