Runs in the Family

You would think that as much of a motorcycle enthusiast as I am that my family would be into riding also. It surprises people to find out that I have 4 bikes in the garage and yet my wife does not ride with me. My children shared a Honda 50 for a while but none of them really took to it. Not the way I did. Later on we I picked up a Yamaha TTR 125 and my son spent a little time riding it, but no one really caught the moto fever.

Some days I am thankful because I don’t have to worry about them getting hurt on a bike. Other days I wish my family were my riding companions. Generally speaking, riding alone is a great experience for me because I’m a loner at heart. I can travel around the countryside, stopping when I want, where I want, and never feel lonely. It works for me. Yet there are so many times I wish I could climb off the bike and look over at my wife or one of my kids and say, “Was that not a fantastic mountain climb?” “Look at that view!” When you love something so much you just want to share the joy with others.

However, things may be changing in the future. My son recently picked up his first street bike and l look forward to taking a few trips with him. But even if that doesn’t work out, the next generation is looking mighty promising. My grandsons have already caught the spirit of adventure.IMG_0390

Not only are my boys on board, it looks like my granddaughter has been infected with the biker bug too! IMG_1578Let’s see, by the time the youngest one is 18, I will be 72. I’m thinking “road trip!”



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