I’m looking forward to the time when the two biggest decisions of the day are: which bike am I going to ride and which State will I ride in. I’m getting closer every day and the anticipation is killing me. FullSizeRender (2)

I’ve always been a “free spirit” bridled by just enough of a sense of responsibility and commitment ( or maybe its really just a lack of courage!) to go to work every day and do my job. Well, let’s just say my “commitment meter” is about out of quarters! A few of my co-workers have retired or are getting ready to and I admit to being very jealous.

I’m trying to get myself in decent shape so that when the last day of structured work does come, I will be ready and able to enjoy the freedom. In the mean time, I will slip away and play Walter Mitty every chance I get. Right now I’m tentatively planning an East Coast Seafood Shack run in early September and hopefully some long weekends in between.

An exciting new development has taken place as well. My son bought his first bike! And both my sons-in-law want to ride too. The women in the family aren’t too happy with me right now, but I’m pretty pumped. I’m already planning a “Motorhead in the Mountains” run next spring with all three of them!



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