She Likes the Beatles…I Like the Stones

Well, truth be told, she doesn’t care much for the Beatles either! My wife is a real trooper. She is one of the most giving people I have ever met. She is always putting everyone else before herself, especially me. She tolerates my garage full of motorcycles, my many coffee ventures, the smell of coffee smoke and bits of chaff in my clothes. She doesn’t mind if I take weeklong bike trips without her, or go off riding alone on the weekends.

When it comes to our taste in music, Lori and I are worlds apart. Actually, I like just about every kind of music…every kind but the kind she likes! She has never really had an interest in going to concerts either. I’ve gone to many. I’m a big Springsteen fan and Lori was kind enough to go with me to a show a couple year ago and I don’t think she hated it.

I told her last year that if the Stones tour the US one more time, she might as well pack her bag and get ready because we are going. Well, her bag is packed. We are heading to Columbus, Ohio tomorrow to the Buckeye Stadium for the 2nd stop of the Rolling Stones Zip Code Tour. And if she wasn’t already sacrificing enough, a week or so ago they announced they would have a special guest at the Ohio show: Kid Rock! Haha! I can only imagine how much she is going to enjoy hearing him sing Bawitdaba! Thanks Lori for being such a good sport and humoring me one more time.

I’ve got a great wife and I just wanted to say so.



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