I Feel a Good One Coming On

(Sometime in the middle of the night last night, my iPad got a mind of it’s own and decided to post a blog that I had started but never finished…all one line of it! I decided if it wanted to be heard that badly, I should go ahead and finish it, so here it is.)

I’ve got the feeling it’s going to be a good riding year. I’m not sure why, call it a hunch…or maybe just wishful thinking. Truth is, the deck is stacked against me right now. My employer has locked out most of the summer as a “no vacation zone.” My mother is facing a serious surgery tomorrow coupled with a long recovery. On top of that, I’m still torn as to if I want to reinvest my outside energies back into coffee roasting. But I’m getting old, dammit, so I can’t be giving up riding years without a fight.

I’ve only logged about 700 miles so far this year, but I’m prepared to make the most of my available time. I’ve got a new helmet (I discovered mine was nearly 8 years old), a new jacket and some luggage for all three bikes. My goal is to take at the very least 1 long weekend trip on each bike and a week long trip on one of them.

To get the kind of riding in that I really want to experience this year will require getting out of bed and on the road early for a lot of weekend rides. My brother-in-law used to joke that I would ride to Chicago for a cup of coffee, so Saturday I got up and rode the Street Triple through the back roads of Kentucky 250 miles for a beer. I took the long, long way to West 6th Brewery in Lexington.IMG_0788

It was a great trip. Aside form the riding, I discovered West 6th to be my kind of place. If it were closer, it would be my regular hangout. Great atmosphere, great beer and good people. I met a Lexington couple who were riders. They saw my helmet and gear and struck up a conversation. We discovered we have a lot in common. They were replaced (I guess I stayed a while) by a young couple from Louisville celebrating the man’s birthday. I brought home a “Crowler” and spent the afternoon polishing it off while roasting up some Guatemala and Costa Rican coffee. Doesn’t get any better than that.IMG_0791Challenges aside, I am optimistic that I’m going to see a lot of saddle time in 2015. I’m  already dreaming of some interesting excuses, er, uh, I mean locations…breweries, roasters, pubs, road food dives…to visit. I will try to document as much as possible this year and, hopefully, you will enjoy the stories as much as I will enjoy experiencing them. Yep, I can feel a good one coming on.



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