If you remember, a few months ago I went on a Dr. advised diet and exercise program. My weight loss has sort of plateaued lately, and to be honest, I have slacked up a little on the diet. For the first 8 weeks I never “cheated.” For the past 4 weeks I have enjoyed some “good food” on the weekends. I’d like to lose at least 5-8 more pounds before leveling off, so I’m going to push a little harder over the next several weeks and see if I can make it happen…and I’ve come across the perfect motivation to get me there.

Since I’m turning 55 this year, there are plenty of good reasons to be in shape. For example, I have three of the most wonderful grandchildren you ever saw. They are all unique and I can’t wait to see what kind of young adults they turn out to be. I have 4 fantastic children that I want to be able to help get through their “young family” years as much as possible. They probably don’t really want my help, nor do they seem to need it, but I want to be around for a while “just in case.”

I also want to stay healthy because I don’t think I’m done with the coffee industry yet. In fact, I had a meeting over a beer last night with someone who is looking to enter the business and we discussed some new possibilities. Running your own business can be physically and mentally demanding, so I need to stay in shape “just in case.”

However, as great as those reasons are, I have something less serious, but still important, on my mind right now. You see, cabin fever has gotten the best of me. Louisville had ridiculous amounts of snow these past few weeks, along with below zero temps. Combine that with all the new bike intros lately and I have the developed riding bug in the worst way.  You have no idea how badly I want to pack a bag, grab a bike and head south right now.

Looking at some of the new bikes being introduced has really lit my fire. I was looking at a list Cycle World put together and I thought, “I’ve got to stay in shape so I can ride and own some of these awesome new bikes!” Call it petty, call it selfish, call it silly. Hell, call it what you want, but I plan to be swinging my leg over the latest and greatest bikes for the next 20+ years! My motivation? Take a look:

2015 multiI love Ducati motorcycles. I owned two of the previous generation Multistradas. That air cooled twin ranks as one of my top two all time favorite engines…the Street Triple being the other one. Ducs are…well, they are Ducs! And they are awesome. I have wanted the 1200 Multi ever since it came out, however, my damn short legs can’t even get a tiptoe down on the thing. I’ve owned lots of tall bikes, but the Multi is the tallest I ever rode. I still want one.Color_SBK-1299-Panigale_1067x600While I’m at it, just take a minute and look at this new 1299 Panigale. Makes you quiver, doesn’t it? Well, it does me! Yes, I know, they make absolutely no sense. And, no, my old bones probably couldn’t stand more than 30 minutes on that bike, but oh, what a 30 minute ride that would be! 205 hp and 420 pounds wet. Read that again. An amusement park on wheels. The only thing more beautiful and sexy than that machine right there is my wife. Hey, I’m not stupid.

2015-Husqvarna-701-supermoto-05Supermotards…I love them! Dirt bikes with 17″ street tires…I want! This new Husky 701 has just got to be a blast. Being powered by the KTM 690 engine makes me believe this thing would be an absolute blast to ride. I already love the KTM 690 Duke, so I’m pretty sure this thing would rock as well. smt 1290Speaking of KTM…I’ve never owned one but want to really badly. The new big adventure bikes are cool, but I don’t see one of those in my future. A 690 Duke is a real possibility and if they build this funky, heavily disguised bike above, that would be on my hot list too. One bike I didn’t buy and wish I had was the KTM 990 SMT. Rumor has it that the camouflaged bike above is a 1290 SMT. I don’t know if it is true, but if it is, be still my heart…and sign me up for a test ride!2015-BMW-S1000XR-1-590x393Beemers. I was on a Beemer kick in the late 90’s to early 2000s. I ran through 2 F650s, an 1150GS,  1200GS and 3 RT’s. I have kicked the tires on the F800GS, and the R1200R, but never pulled the trigger. This new S1000XR sounds really neat. Actually, I like the sound of the S1000R even better. Or maybe I’d just like to swing a leg over the returning classic sport tourer, the R1200RS.BMW-R1200RS-2015-bikes-mediaWhen I get tired of eating oatmeal and egg whites, and don’t really want to climb on the bicycle, nor head to the gym and throw weights around, I’ll just remind myself of this: there are dozens of cool bikes waiting to be ridden to cool places I’ve yet to explore. That’s just enough motivation to keep me moving in the right direction.



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