Going Mobile

I’ve probably got at least a half dozen blog drafts queued up on my laptop right now, but I’ve been too distracted lately to finish any of them. That means that sometime in the next week or two I will probably post a barrage of them! In the mean time, check out this collection of odd and unique approaches to coffee retailing. I call it “Going Mobile.”






Although it’s unlikely I will ever be involved in it, the mobile coffee business has always intrigued me. The closest I ever came was Rocketman backpacks at IU football games!
Any approach that is outside the norm usually gets my attention. I remember when we used to drive to Florida on vacation and how I was constantly hunting an exit that might have a decent cup of coffee. Gas station coffee can make you stop and consider just how devilish your caffeine addiction really is. And this was before there was a Starbucks on every corner and McDonalds decided to venture into the “cafe” business. It was then that I concocted the nutty idea of a chain of drive-thru shops located right off Interstate exits. The name? Interstate Coffee, of course!
Like most of my ideas, that one never advanced beyond the daydream stage. My mind is still cluttered with random concepts, all swirling around in a chaotic state of unfulfilled ambition. I call it ” coffee shop purgatory.”




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