Cyber Coffee

I used to hang out in coffeehouses a lot. Weekly at the least. Yes, there was even a time when I hung out at the local Starbucks. Really good coffee shops are, in my opinion, far and few between, but when you find one, it can be a memorable experience.

The coffee shop I enjoyed hanging out at the most, doesn’t even have very good coffee. It was all about the location…downtown Naples, Florida. It’s kind of hard to find something to complain about on a winter morning, when you are sitting outside in your shorts, surrounded by palm trees. I have not spent much time there lately, but I used to go every morning while vacationing in Naples.

There have been a handful of other memorable shops that I’ve discovered on my travels. Izzy’s in Asheville is overflowing with character or maybe it’s “characters!” They serve up Counter Culture coffee, which doesn’t really do anything for me, however, I had a cup of El Salvador there many years ago, and to this day I remember that is was exceptional. I spent a fair amount of time in Wilmington, NC and grew rather fond of Port City Java. Especially when my coffee broker arranged for them to give me a tour of their roasting facility.

One of the best shots of espresso I ever had was right here in Louisville at Sunergos on 5th. The second best shot I ever had was in Bloomington at a shop supplied by my largest competitor. The third best shot I ever had was made by my own hands about a month ago at my house on my machine with the “Synthetic Blend” that I roasted. Lip smacking good, all of them.

Lookout Joe in Cincinnati is dear to my heart because it is the first shop I ever saw a coffee roaster at. When my daughter lived in Chicago, I made regular visits to Intelligentsia as well. Truthfully, though, there have been very few shops that really made me want to be a regular. Maybe I’m just hard to please, or maybe its because I’m not even close to being a Hipster, but I prefer making my coffee at home these days. Of course, I am fortunate to have just about every coffee making apparatus known to man, including a pretty decent espresso machine.

I’ve never had a retail shop of my own; I’ve always been a wholesaler. Roasting is my real passion. All I need to enjoy my morning brew is some fresh beans, a good mug and a nice, quiet place to sit and think about my day. And that brings me to the point of this writing today. Tomorrow is Cyber Monday, online shopping’s version of Black Friday. Aside from wholesaling my beans in the region, I’m an online retailer. If you don’t have a favorite shop to buy your beans and brew from, or if like me, you just prefer to make your coffee at home, then I invite you to give my hand’s labor a try. The worst that can happen is that you don’t like what I do and you say, “Dang, I just wasted $30 bucks.” Wouldn’t be the first time, would it?

For Cyber Monday, Motorhead Coffee is offering a 12oz bag of the coffee of your choosing, along with one of our new, hand thrown mugs of your choice, all for $30. That may or may not sound reasonable to you, but I can tell you I’ve skinnied the profit margin until it hurts! These mugs alone could fetch that much in the right shop. And I’m paying the shipping! That’s right, when you put your item in the cart, there are no surprises at checkout, no hidden fees, what you see is what you pay.

IMG_0257I’m even going to dress the coffee in these special white bags in honor of the white suit my daughter saw me wearing in a photo she ran across from the 70’s. She got quite a kick out of it. Thought it was a bit “nerdy” I imagine. Well, I prefer to think of it as time appropriate! Speaking of which, it’s time for me to shut up so you can grab some coffee and a cup. Hope you enjoy.




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