No Surrender

If you’ve ever read anything I’ve written, you already know I’m a dreamer. You would think that at my age, the dreaming would have come to an end. I should be all grown up by now, the realities of life having long since extinguished the romancer inside. Well, that hasn’t happened…and I’m pretty sure it never will. I’m not giving in to Lazy Boys & talk shows, Ben Gay & conversations about how it used to be.

Some of my dreams are simple; some more complex. Here are just a few things that, at 54, I still plan to accomplish:

1. Ride the 49 States of the Continental US. I’m only about half way there right now.

2. Ride coast to coast…North Carolina to California and back.

3. Return to my roots and take a dual sport trip, riding backroads, gravel and dirt.

4. Leave Corporate American behind for the last time. Don’t get me wrong, it has been good to my family and I. But I’m ready to leave it in my rearview mirror and move on, not to some easy chair retirement, but to the greatest adventures of my life.

5. Write something permanent. Maybe not profound. Maybe not even very good, but something real.

6. Devote all my “work” time to the craft of roasting coffee. Build a meaningful, successful shop that is an asset to whatever community it resides in. Just like motorcycles, it’s in my blood and it’s not going anywhere. I will quit roasting coffee about the time I quit riding.

One of my roasting shop dreams is to be in an old abandoned gas station like this one:DSC00402 DSC00400 DSC00396Someday…before I’m out of “somedays.” Until then, I’m going to keep on dreaming.




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