Day 6: Too Much: Not Enough

Too many biscuit, too much beer. Not enough time. I could stop right there and call that my trip summary. But we all know that I’m not going to do that. I’ve never been accused of being a man of too few words. In reality, I didn’t have nearly enough biscuits. Okay, I had six total. Three of them came from one meal at Biscuit Head. When you order their biscuits and gravy, they do not skimp on the biscuits. The other two biscuits were Cheddar Scallion Ham, Egg & Cheese biscuit sandwiches from the City Bakery. All yummy.

What I really mean is that I ate too much good food. Normally when I take a bike trip, I’m likely to lose weight because I just ride. I rarely stop for anything except gas, and when I do, I normally just grab a protein bar and a bottle of water or cup of coffee and call that lunch. By staying in Asheville all week, I was exposed to way too much good food.

As for the beer, I really didn’t have much of that either. I’m a one and done sort of guy anyway, especially when on the bike, but a couple days I didn’t have any. And there are so many good breweries in the area. I hate that I was only able to sample a few. My favorite was probably the Green Man Harvester Ale, their version of an Octoberfest, a style I really enjoy. I also liked the Pisgah Pale Ale and the Foothills Jade IPA. The bartender at the Thirsty Monk was kind enough to let me sample the Monk’s new Porter, which was also tasty. I did manage to sneak home a few Catawba White Zombies as well.

Day 6 was a mixed bag. I rode a couple hundred miles, but nowhere remarkable. The day before I had gone to Charlotte and found myself wishing that I did not have a room back in Asheville waiting on me. The coast was calling and I really wanted to keep going toward Wilmington and the Outer Banks. I was really beginning to appreciate the VStrom for its comfort and ability to travel distances and would like to have pushed it to the extreme a bit, maybe even all the way to New England. But It was too late to cancel the room, so back I came. I was starting to realize by day 6 that I had overstayed my welcome. Not that I don’t love the city, because I really do, but I was growing restless. My friend Dan said he was surprised that I was going to stay in one place all week, and especially a place that I had been before. He knows I like to move around and see new things. He was right, I should have kept my original reservation of 3 nights and then moved on. Lesson learned for next year.

The other thing I didn’t get enough of was time. Yes, I miss my wife and can’t wait to see her. But for the oddballs like me who love the road and enjoy the adventure of travel, you can never get enough. Every time I take a bike trip it starts out the same. The first few hours I am hit with a feeling of guilt. Guilt that I am leaving my wife home; guilt that I am about to spend money on myself, when I’d much rather share with her. Guilt that I”m leaving responsibilities behind. Then, sometime later in the day, it is like the big rubber band of guilt just stretches as far as it can, and it snaps. Pow! The pull to return is replaced with the adrenaline of the journey. From there it becomes an insatiable desire, never completely fulfilled.

At any rate, another great day. I’m already thinking about the 2015 Beer and Biscuit Run and how I will do it differently. First, 3 nights, 4 max in Asheville. Second, although I always ride alone, I think I might like company next year. Well, time to pack up and hit the road. Better get out, “before they make me run.”




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