Day 4: This Road I’m On

I've been riding motorcycles since 1967. Day 4 was all about why I still ride today. I spent the entire day riding backroads, mostly north and east of Asheville, some 250+ miles worth. These roads are absolutely a blast to ride on a motorcycle. I can only imagine they are a pain in the ass in a car…especially in the winter. In fact, it seems the car of choice for this region, based totally on my random observation, is a Subaru XV Crosstrek.

These are the kind of roads that make my light and nimble Triumph Street Triple seem big and cumbersome. So, imagine how the Vstrom feels. Actually, it did quite well. Some corners are so tight and twisted that you almost have to put your foot down and pivot! I'm not joking. I've said it before, if I lived here my weapon of choice would be a KTM Duke 690.

I talked with three different groups of riders yesterday. The first group was 5 men traveling from Quebec. I was able to understand one of them…a little. The other 4 spoke some cross between French and English. They were headed for the Cherhola Skyway and, of course, the Dragon. They were all close to my age, maybe a bit younger.

The second group was also Canadian, this time Ontario, and much easier to converse with. I told them that I had ran into the group from Quebec and the one rider piped up and said, “Yeah, they wanted to separate from us!” Bazinga! Friendly guys, headed to Cherokee.

The third group was a handful of what some people might call, “hoodlums.” 4 young guys, wearing flashy leather jackets, hanging out at a local gas station, all riding supermotos. I stopped and admired the bikes and chatted with them a bit. Obviously locals, they knew exactly what kind of bike rules these roads. Some of the most insane street riding I have ever seen was done by a handful of guys on supermotos.

I mounted my Gopro on my crashbar and set it to shoot a photo every 60 seconds. I let it run until the battery died. I don't know how many photos I have, but I'm sure there are some goods ones…if I can ever find them! My iPad does not want to accept them, so when I get home I will see what I have and post them up. I have a couple photos here, but frankly, the best roads I was on, the wicked, twisted ones, make these look like a straight line.






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