Weather…or Not

Over the years I have logged many thousands of miles on my bike in the rain. I've ridden in cold, damp, day-long drizzles and I've ridden in downpours that were so hard I couldn't see past my front tire. In those moments there isn't much else to do but keep riding until you pass through the storm. Add strong winds to the mix and the journey can become real torture. Fighting a crosswind will wear you out. Here again, you really just have to keep the forward momentum going. I've nearly been blown over more than once while waiting at a stop light.

I don't really mind riding in the rain, however, I prefer not to spend an entire bike trip wiping my face shield clean. As a planned trip gets closer, I generally start paying attention to the forecast. If the chances of bad weather look significant enough, I have been known to change my destination. I would say that at least 50% of the time the weather I was concerned about never materialized.

That brings me to today. One more day and I am planning to load the bike and head toward Asheville. Looking at the projected forecast in that area over the next several days is not encouraging. I have a room waiting on me, so a decision will have to be made Friday: head out as planned, delay a couple days or start out in a different direction?

The countdown continues for now.




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