Road Ready Countdown – Preparation

When I take motorcycle trips I don't usually have any absolute plans. Mostly I just have a general direction in mind, but that's been known to change on the fly. I started out toward Michigan once and ended up in South Carolina. Don't ask me how that happened! Actually, it happens often. I hit the road in about 9 days with the general idea of landing in Asheville, NC somewhere along the way.

The real planning and preparation for a bike trip comes before the journey begins. Aside from the usual maintenance concerns, here is a list of preparations I have been making:

1. A Gerbing plug for my heated jacket. It may be 90 degrees now, but two weeks and 5,000' in altitude later, things might get chilly

2. Heated grips. See above. Only they are still in the box; I haven't mounted them yet.

3. Coffee kit. I mean, really, did you think I'd go anywhere without a way to have good coffee? Sure, I plan to try the local stuff too. Dynamite Roasters, High Five, Izzy's.

4. Since I'm going to microbrewery heaven, I added this accessory just in case.

5. Riding gear. I'm an ATGATT kind of guy. That's moto speak for “all the gear all the time.” (Some of the other acronyms used in the motorcycle world are not so nice. If you see a sticker that says, “FYYFF,” don't try to figure it out!) I have lots of gear and usually wear a 2 piece riding suit. I'm not sure yet but I might wear the “highly flattering” 1 piece “Stich” this year.

6. Keeping in contact. I stopped carrying a laptop years ago. I use an iPad. Only one problem: this is what my iPad looks like right now. Yep, I dropped it. Fortunately I have another at my disposal. No promises, but I'm going to try to blog daily from the road.

7. GPS. Got it mounted but really I'm more of a map guy. Truth is, without my glasses I can't see either one! Fortunately, I'm pretty good at navigation, so that's never been an issue. Not that I haven't ridden lost before. My theory on that is that you just keep riding until you are found.

8. A place to stay. Because my plans are often fluid, I haven't reserved a place to stay yet. I'm considering taking a stab at using Airbnb to find a nice hotel alternative this trip. Wish me luck. I don't plan on being indoors much.





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