Beer And Biscuit Run: Asheville

“Are we there yet?” Ah, the famous cry of the young traveler, having spent far too much time sandwiched between brother and sister, surrounded by half-empty pop bottles and Laffey Taffy wrappers, only wanting one thing; for the adventure to come to an end. “Please let us be there!” For some people, especially the young, travel is mostly a boring, time-killing endurance contest. Sure, they want to go somewhere new, but they want don’t want the journey that goes along with it. Having driven 4 young children on a 2,400 mile trip to Florida and back at least a dozen times, I can totally relate.

When it comes to bikes trips, though, it is a different story. The journey is the trip. Travel is the point, Watching the asphalt disappear below your wheel is whole reason you are on the road. I don’t get to take nearly as many motorcycle trips as I would like. Well, let’s be honest, “as many as I would like,” would be about 30-40 weeks out of the year. Probably not realistic. I usually settle for a few long weekend rides and a week long trip once or twice a year. For the past few years my weekly destination has been the same: Asheville.

Sometimes I start in West Virginia, roam over into Virginia and wander down the Blue Ridge until I end up in Asheville, but lately I have spent the entire week there. There are hundreds of miles of great roads in the region, and by making my home in the same spot every night, I’m able to also enjoy the unique lifestyle of this mountain city. I come from Bloomington, Indiana, basically an aging hippy, college town. Now I live in Louisville, a city that prides itself in “Keeping Louisville Weird.” Asheville has them both beat and then some. It is “funk on steroids” and I love it. Not to mention the 11+ microbreweries and all the great food.

19 days from now I will be heading to Asheville one more time. I may spend a few days there, or the entire week, only time will tell. Either way, I will be enjoying the…




but mostly THE ROADTail-of-the-Dragon-2

Shrunken head and Mardi Gras beads
Hanging on a rearview mirror on the beach
Keepin’ their eyes on the open road
No tellin’ where that son-a bitch goes”




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