Why I’ll Never Win A Latte Art Contest

When it comes to a cup of coffee, my preference is black (well, I wouldn’t turn down a shot of Bourbon Cream either). When it comes to espresso drinks, my preference is simply straight shots. I’m not much of a latte guy. Rarely ever drink a cappuccino. No interest in a Mocha. And definitely no “frappucinno” for me. To each his own, just not my style, which is funny since I just bought a new espresso machine for the house. As you can guess, the steam wand on this machine is not going to get a lot of use. IMG_3127That is just one of the reasons I will never win a latte art contest. Here are a few others:

1. I don’t work at or own a “coffee shop.” Never have. My endeavors in the business have always been wholesale roasting. I have never spent hours pulling shots and steaming milk.

2. I can’t draw, or paint or do much of anything considered “artsy.” No way I could possibly pour milk in the shape of  swan or buzzard or any recognizable thing.

3. I would not have the patience to steam and pour pitcher after pitcher of milk. I don’t like the mess.

4. I don’t really care, which brings me to the final reason:

5. I can’t really take coffee “competitions” seriously. As much as I love coffee and roasting and enjoy the product, in the end…it’s coffee. I mean, I can’t ever see a barista competition becoming an Olympic sport. Then again, maybe I’m just jealous.

I’ve never been to any coffee competitions or conventions or “throw downs.” Probably never will. Guess I’ve always been a bit of an outsider or an outcast…and I’m okay with that. latte-coffee-art-kazuki-yamamoto-george_10g-twitter-3



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