Showing Off

Well, as of late Sunday night, I’ve got a new grandchild, so I thought I would take a moment and, like any proud Grandpa, show them off a little bit.

Number One: Aston, aka, the “live wire!” Aston is my first grandchild. To say that Aston is active would be a massive understatement…Aston makes the Energizer Bunny look lazy! I have yet to see a video of Aston when he was not running, jumping, flying through the air, dancing or just generally flailing around. I have also rarely ever seen him without a smile on his face. Oh, I’m sure his mom and dad might disagree, but to me, he is one happy boy…and that makes me happy too! IMG_3099IMG_3100IMG_3098Number Two: Grant, aka, “Nana’s boy.” Not sure what the deal is, but Grant seems to be most content in my wife’s arms…not so much mine! Where Aston seems to go with the flow, Grant is more of a,”I want it and I want it now” kind of guy. What I do know is that Grant kept me on my toes before he was born. He enjoyed giving us false alarms and a few scares. Since my daughter and son-in-law are 5 hours away, we kept bags packed for weeks. Grant is only about 5 months old, so I can’t tell you a lot about him yet…personality to be determined! One thing for sure, his smile can melt grandpa’s heart. IMG_3095IMG_3083I’m sure you didn’t pick up on the subtle implications, but Aston and Grant’s dad has a bit of a fetish for exotic motor vehicles. Aston is more obvious, but Grant (whose initials are GTB) is a bit more obscure. I will leave it to you to figure that one out.

Number Three: Lyla, aka, “heart stopper,” because her delivery experience caused my heart to stop on more than one occasion. I won’t share the personal details here, but let’s just say little Lyla had me wringing my hands for days. But she is here, she is healthy and so is my daughter. And at 6lbs, 2 ounces she is considerably bigger than we were expecting her to be. I’m giving thanks for all of the above. IMG_3174IMG_3149What I’m really looking forward to is having all three in the same place at the same time! I can’t wait.



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