On the Road to Cleveland

Road trip! I’m headed to Cleveland in a couple hours. No, not going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, although I’d probably enjoy that. It’s not a coffee trip either. That only leaves one reason that I can think of to go to Cleveland…surely you can guess. Yep…

Scrambler_zps8b344e75Finally bought a Scrambler! I’ve been wanting one for a couple years. Tomorrow morning, I make it mine. The matte green paint is my favorite version, and I ended up finding 3 for sale. This particular bike had many of the accessories I was looking for, so I just couldn’t say no. Actually, I did say no. But my wife encouraged me to change my mind…no really, she did. So, I blame her! Damn, I have a good wife!

I had planned on a “fly and ride,” but that just wasn’t working. There is only one thing I don’t like about living in Louisville; the airport sucks. Prices are much too high. When we fly to Florida, we drive to Indy and fly from there. I wasn’t willing to pay the price, so we decided to do a “drive and fly.”

It should prove interesting tomorrow, as my maiden voyage on the Scram will be a 360+ mile ride home. I have no idea how good or bad that solo seat is…but I’m about to find out. Looks like I might get into rain too, all in all, what motorcycle riding is all about: adventure.

I wanted the Scrambler for a couple reasons. First, I will admit to being a bit of a Triumph fan boy right now. My Street Triple is one of the finest bikes I ever owned. It just fits me so well. I love the sound of the Triple. And I love the sound of that 270 degree twin crank of the Scrambler. It even sounds good with the stock exhaust, so just imagine the music this Arrow plays. No, it’s not powerful. That’s not the point of this machine. Speaking of the point, after I ride it a year or so, I plan to make a change to it. I’ve been bitten with the sidecar bug. My new sidecar friend Dave warned me that the Scrambler is not going to be a powerful rig, but since I decided not to pursue my original intent for the vehicle, I think it will be fine as a dual sport styled, back road hack. IMG_0092I’ve got to get ready to head out; ride report to come soon. I guess the only question I have left is: “Who is going to come help me ride all these bikes?”



2 thoughts on “On the Road to Cleveland

  1. Looking forward to some reports/impressions/reviews etc… of the Scrambler. I’m considering another getting bike. Not for touring, just for around town and short trips. The scrambler and Ural’s are on my radar!

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