I’m not very good at photography. My weakness has nothing to do with the equipment. I have a very nice camera and am getting ready to purchase a second, more bike friendly, one. My problem was summed up pretty well recently by a simple photo blunder. I was taking some shots of my bike in a nearby town. I didn’t have my glasses on (which means I can’t really see!), so everything I saw in the viewfinder was blurry. I just thought it was me. Later, when I went to check out the photos, I put my glasses on, looked at the shots and they were still blurry! A complete waste. I grabbed my camera, looked it over and realized I had flipped it to manual focus. My problem is that I have never taken the time necessary to educate myself or hone my skills. Or, simpler said, I lack focus.

Over the past 7 or 8 years I have been accused by some as being possessed with a drive to work nonstop, day and night. I founded and ran a small wholesale roasting business, worked full time for a large corporation and earned my Master’s degree all at the same time. I eventually got tired of the demanding schedule and the fact that I never had time to ride my bikes, sold the business and settled in…to boredom. Eventually I took a much more demanding role at work and moved. Some days the day job is very demanding. In fact, my wife and I have worked about every shift possible over the past two weeks and we’re not done yet. That is one of the reasons you have not heard from me lately. I haven’t figured out if I’m supposed to be awake or asleep. Aside from the busy day job, I launched another wholesale roasting business, Motorhead Coffee, a good 8 years before I planned to do so. I also reignited another passion: writing.

So, here I am on a Sunday afternoon, once again juggling life and making choices. When I started Motorhead Coffee I was told I “had” to have a Facebook account and a Twitter account. So, I did. And they have been sorely neglected. Really though, how does a wholesale business take advantage of those social medias? I don’t have a retail store for you to come to, so I’m not sure they are so valuable to me.

Here is what is really on my mind today: focusing on what is important in my work life. There are just two things that I really care about: being good at roasting coffee and writing. That’s it. Nothing else. I don’t care about ladder climbing, career moves, buyouts, notoriety, raises, saving the world or the bottom line. I want to be good at turning green coffee beans into wonderfully satisfying drinks. I want to be at least a little responsible for putting a smile on your face first thing in the morning. Hopefully it will set the tone for the rest of the day. And I want to find the time to write more. Lots more. Heck, if the coffee doesn’t put a smile on your face, maybe some of the nonsense that spills from my head to this page will! Some opportunities in writing have come my way and I want to take advantage of them. Throw in lots more motorcycle riding and you’ve got the Trifecta!

It is on my mind today that I need to improve my focus. I need to quit worrying about if anyone follows me on Facebook or Twitter or any of that stuff and concentrate on the simple things that really matter to me. And that’s what I’m going to do. Expect to see more writing, in more places, not just here. Expect to see more photos. Expect to hear about more road trips. I just bought another bike, one that’s hopefully more trip friendly than my Street Triple…and I may even buy a third! And you might even hear a little about coffee once in a while. Time to stop chasing after everything and just focus on what matters. So, welcome to Motorhead Coffee: I’ve got fresh beans if you want them, witty words (I can only hope!) if you need them and adventures if you want to share them.IMG_2882



One thought on “Focus

  1. Speaking of fresh beans, can I get 10lbs of grean beans please? Can you send the bill along with them? What do you think about the drought that will effect prices?

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