Beach Blog Day 8…The End is Near

This is the part of the trip where we always say, “Why didn't we take more time off?” We fly back to Louisville Monday night. One day to “recover,” then back to work Wednesday, coffee to roast and other obligations, like jobs. How stifling. You would think 10 days on the beach doing absolutely nothing but sunning, swimming and sipping would be enough…but it isnt! I said this was the only place I knew of where I could go and do nothing. It is also one of the only places I know of that I can't seem to ever get enough of. I have been coming here 19 years, Lori much longer. I suppose I have been here at least 40 times. One year we came 5 times! Our stays have always ranged from one week to two weeks. I cannot remember one single time I ever came to the beach in Naples and, by the end of the trip, was ready to go home. Never. I don't want to go now either. “Please don't make me go!!!”

Maybe after a few months of beach walking and surf tumbling, I would get bored and restless. Maybe. Or, maybe not. I would very much like to find out sometime. I'd start out by engaging in a seafood diet…Grouper, Grouper, shrimp, Grouper, crab cakes. I would even be willing to limit my time in the sun. If I get much darker and my hide gets much tougher, someone is going to skin me to make a handbag. The best thing though is I would throw away all my long pants (except my moto pants) and all my shoes (except my moto shoes). As Buffett sang, I would go where the weather suits my clothes. I have not wore a pair of shoes in 8 days…why start now?






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