Beach Blog Day…er, uh, hmm…5 I Think

The days all just run together when you are on vacation. And when you spend all day, everday, soaking in the sun and surf, well, they really become one. And they disappear much too quickly. By now I have settled well into the Tommy Bahama theme of “Relax.” Only place on earth I've ever been to where I can spend all day doing absolutely nothing and feel good about it. No schedule to meet. No reports to file. No one to please but myself. Usualy by now my body has become very dark and I begin to look like one of those old salts from South Florida who have spent too many years in the sun ignoring mother's warning of “use lots of sunscreen, wear and hat, and for God's sake, don't go outside!”
I'm actually a bit red right now, however, and have limited my exposure more than normal. We arrived very early Saturday morning, with little sleep and even less food in our stomachs. When we got here, Lori headed straight to the beach. Morgan and I went to the store, but as soon as we returned, I joined Lori by the water. I grabbed a lounge chair, stripped off my shirt, sretched out…and immediately fell asleep! No sunscreen, no protection ffrom the deadly rays of Mr. Sunshine…and when I awoke, I was a little well done.
No worries though; I'm using sunscreen today and by tomorrow evening you will be able to use my skin for a chalkboard. No lectures please. While I'm on vacation and throwing caution to the wind, I also gave up on shaving. I hate to shave. My wife, on the other hand, loves a clean shaven man. She hates facial hair. She doesn't care much for me right now. I have a few days of scruffy, ugly growth with no intention of doing anything about it yet. It is mostly gray and it makes me look even older, but I don't really care. How can a man dream of running away to a Hemmingway's life in the Florida Keys if he has to worry about sunscreen, shaving and excessive drinking? Stifles the creative juices.
So, here I sit, 4:00 in the afternoon. With the exception of a lunch break, I've been on the beach since 7:30 this morning and…wait! What the heck? Is that rain? Damn. And just when I was about to pen the next Old Man and The Sea. Gotta run!



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