Ominous Beginnings

Between my poor memory and one-track mind, I’m sure I have gone down this road with you before.  You know how, on some days, you just don’t seem to be on your game? Well, today is starting out all wrong. Once I’m up and dressed, the first thing I do is head for the coffee pot. I felt like I needed a little extra boost today, so instead of the usual, one cup pourover or Aeropress, I went for the big guns, the Chemex. I measured up the coffee and dumped it in the grinder. My home grinder is a Baratza. It is a popular home grinder, small, compact, not too imposing compared to the Rancilio Rocky that was on the counter. It has one of those plastic inserts that catches the ground coffee. I don’t like those. They are messy and the static electricity just makes a coffee fly everywhere. I have a stainless steel cup that I place under mine instead.

So here I am, barely out of bed, trying to get my eyes pried open with a nice fresh cup of Kenya Tatu that I just roasted. I dump the beans in the grinder and hit the switch. Then I walk off to prep the Chemex. I turn around a few seconds later and , lo and behold, there is a pile of ground coffee on the counter! What the hell? Oh, wait! Where is the steel cup? Not under the grinder, that’s for sure! I forgot that I had washed it yesterday. My wife, being a studious housekeeper, put it up in a cabinet for me. Out of sight, out of mind. So I cleaned up the mess and started over.

A rather ominous beginning to a very adventurous day. Today I’m heading up to Indiana on the Street Triple to take my first ride in a sidecar rig. I’ve not asked to pilot it; I thought that might be pushing it. However, if the offer is granted, it will be accepted! On the other hand, if I can’t even make a cup of coffee properly without creating a mess, maybe this is not the day I should be trying to steer a three-wheeled vehicle for the first time!

I will report back later today with photos, my experience and maybe even some video. Hopefully it will be coming from the comforts of my home…not a hospital bed!Batcycle



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