“If This Van’s a Rockin’ Don’t Come Knockin'”

My oldest daughter just bought a minivan. I’m sure neither she nor her husband had ever planned on that. He is a car guy, loves the Subaru sport and rally cars, Audis, etc. He loves cars so much, my grandson is named “Aston,” and my newest grandson, who will be entering the world in the next couple weeks will have initials that reference the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE. And now they drive a minivan. I love it! It is today’s version of the Griswold Wagon Queen Family Truckster. griswold-mobile

It is amazing how having children can change your life. I’m sure my wife, Lori, never thought she would own a minivan either, but she did. When we got together, we instantly became a smaller version of the “Brady Bunch.” I had two girls, Lori had a boy and a girl. We needed a bigger car, so Lori bought a minivan. Green. Ugly. Boring. When I think back on it, it is hard to believe Lori was ever caught dead in that car. I mean, there is nothing that Lori does in which she does not first consider the “fashion” aspect. She fell on the ice the other day at our condo. Banged her up pretty good. Yeah, sorry kids, I didn’t tell you. I’m sure if she had whipped out a band-aid, it would have said “Coach” or “Betsy Johnson” on it.

When my daughter told me they bought a van, it got me thinking about the vans people drove when I was a teenager. They were actually very popular in the 70s…and they were nothing like the minivans we have today. They were “cool,” customized, beds on wheels. The paint schemes were elaborate, and inside, well, they looked like a discotheque mated with a roll of shag carpet! Just think, “A Night At The Roxbury” and you’ve got the idea.

I remember two particular individuals who drove these vans around town. One was a guy who was much older than everyone else. I don’t remember his name or much about him, other than the fact that he was old enough to buy beer and that he would often buy a keg and haul us around in his van…sliding doors wide open…keg exposed to the world…blue lights glimmering off the shag carpet…”calling all chicks!” Ha!0dd501d09049b3698f949cfad62527ee1011360_10153062421785173_382745523_nThe other was a girl named Jody. I only remember two things about her. The first was that she talked too much. Especially when she drank, which she was doing every time I ever hung out with her. The other thing I remember, well, I can’t really share here…my kids read this stuff!439501098a5fecf699689d0ba893d761

So, as you can see, vans and children go hand in hand…one way or another! “If this van’s a rockin’….forplay2




2 thoughts on ““If This Van’s a Rockin’ Don’t Come Knockin'”

  1. I am thinking that we should name our van “Wild Stallion”. We could paint a Mustang on the side like that old orange Ford.

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