What Matters Now

Call it a wish list. Here is what I hope to do or see in 2014:

1. More riding. A lot more riding. My number 1 goal is to return to the “old days” when I used to ride 10-15 k a year on my bike. I plan to pick up a second bike this year, a bit more travel friendly, and “go!”

2. Go West Young Man. I have ridden all over the Midwest, the East Coast and the South. I have not had the opportunity to ride West. Let’s change that.

3. Become a better roaster and produce some “mind blowing” coffees, so good you can’t wait to get up and have them.

4. Spend time on the beach in Naples. I do this every year, but, hey, I have a busy year. Have to fit it in…maybe twice!

5. Spend more time with my Grandson Aston. And spend time with my 2 new Grandchildren to be born in 2014. See, I need a traveling bike (that’s my justification!), because neither live in Louisville. By the way, which one of my grandchildren is going to become a motorcycle rider like grandpa? “Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?”

6. Quit talking about being or acting like an old man. For 53, I’m in good health. I feel 18. I ride sport bikes. My business attire is Lucky Jeans and Johnson Motors Ts. I’m still stuck in 1978…still a Stones fan, A Zeppelin fan, so why not act like it?

7. Buy a 1911. Hey, I love handguns. I know it is a political/emotional issue, so I don’t talk about it much. I was raised with guns. My son-in-law, Dustin, a true gun “nut,” has reignited my love for guns. By the way, Dustin, Lori sends her “love!” Ha! Do you know how many new shoes she could buy for the price of one 1911?

8. Make at least one of 3 things happen with Motorhead Coffee: 1. Get a truck on the road, 2. Set up a permanent shop in a neighboring community, 3. This one is a secret for now!

9. Discover the best fish sandwich & the best fish tacos in Louisville. Hey, I love fish.

10. Write more. Yeah, sorry. Hey, you don’t have to read it! I was given what I would consider a lifetime “dream” opportunity when I was invited to submit some material to a group for consideration…and I have yet to do so. Do not squander the opportunity you idiot!

11. Do more of what I want to do and less of what I have to do.DCIM111GOPRO




One thought on “What Matters Now

  1. 7. There are a lot of good 1911s out there for $500 and below. Check out Rock Island Armory and American Classic. I owned a High Standard 1911 GI, it was problem free.

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