I have encountered a serious shortage. No, its not coffee, however, I am having trouble finding a killer Central American coffee to my liking. This shortage is closer to home…and it’s not exactly a new problem. I have a shortage of legs! No, no, I have two legs (thankfully). Problem is, they aren’t long enough.

My mom used to promise me that I would grow up to be 6 feet tall like my grandfather. She lied. Didn’t happen. I made it to 5’5″ and my body said, “That’s it for you!” I have never really minded being short. Sure, it always prevented me from being known as, “tall, dark and handsome,” but I can live with that. In fact, I have “lived with” and worked around the limitations all my life without any real issue…until now. Why now? One word: orange. Yep, the color orange is causing me problems.

Here is the deal; I have never let my height prevent me from riding any motorcycle I wanted to own. I have had motocross bikes I had to tiptoe on, GS, Multistradas and other adventure bikes that were not only tall, but heavy. I always managed to do the one foot dance and continue to enjoy my bike of choice. And I rarely ever dropped one. I dumped my Multistrada once in a parking lot while it was fully loaded for a trip. As I pulled forward in the lot and into a dip in the pavement, I was cut off by a passing car. I was forced to stop and my feet reached for….nothing. Crash. I dropped a GS one time, also in a parking lot, as it shrugged and died right when I was turning sharply to the right. I tried to get footing, but couldn’t hold it up. Other than that, I have always managed to get by.

Lately, I have gotten used to smaller, lighter bikes and my aging body is appreciative. However, my dreams have taken on a new color the past few months…KTM orange. I’ve been fortunate enough to own a lot of bikes in my lifetime, including several different brands. I have never owned a KTM. And I want one. I’m thinking everyone should own orange at least once in their life. I am seriously considering my next bike purchase, hoping to buy something that will serve me well, over a variety of riding opportunities, and keep me content for the next several years. I have already mentioned the SMT in this thread. I can tiptoe one foot on the SMT. Well, I can flatfoot pretty much any bike, as long as its only one foot and the other one is on the peg! I am also lusting over the Adventure. Here are the devils that are making me curse my design:

990KTM-1190-Adventure-2013-2Anyone know where I can buy a couple inches of “inseam?”



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