Fast Forward

Today I’m in a fussy mood. I am wishing I was about 6 months or so in the future. I’m dreaming of walking out in the predawn chill, opening the door to the “official Motorhead Coffee” truck and heading out to add a little joy and warmth to some sleepy souls. IMG_2199My father-in-law says that when he purchases something, he likes to “romance” it. He enjoys that period where he hasn’t committed yet. I guess it is the anticipation. My dad used to call it “pondering.” When I would ask him to buy something or let me go somewhere, he would “ponder” it. I later learned that the word “ponder” really means “No!”

Unfortunately I am cursed with one of those analytical minds that wants to examine things to death. I want to look at every angle, dissect the details, put it back together, then start all over again. A few weeks ago my wife said, “I feel sorry for you. Your mind never stops.” It’s like my brain is stuck in a groove, like a skipping record. ..and the song is getting old. Anyone know how to fast forward a brain?





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