More Random Musings

More random thoughts from the road:

I would seriously consider moving to asheville if:

1. My wife left me.
2. My wife kicked me out.
3. I could talk her into quitting her good paying job and moving there to live in abject poverty.
4. Someone would offer me a job roasting coffee for $10/hr and let me sleep in the green room.
5. Someone would offer me a job selling BMW motorcycles at Eurosports.
6. Someone would offer me a job selling Ducati/Triumph at Myers.
7. I had decided at a younger age to move where I want to live, then figure out how to make a living there, instead of the other way around.

If I did live in Asheville:

1. I would have to learn to be a better rider. Just getting into my hotel parking lot requires navigating an off camber, 180 degree turn, at a significantly steep incline, while oncoming traffic impedes a steady climb.
2. I would immediately buy another Yamaha WR250X, because a lightweight supermotard is really all you need down here.
3. I would sell my car and buy an old beater Bronco or, even better, a restored Scout.
4. I would never shave, because the only one who would care is my wife and if I am living here that means she has probably already kicked me out and no longer cares what I do.
5. I would gain even more weight than I gained by living in Louisville: 12 Bones, City Bakery…and all the beer.
6. I would drink more beer.
7. I would ride more…like, all the time.
8. I would probably crash more…but that’s okay, I would die happy.

Reasons Asheville may not be right for you:

1. Asheville put the “F” in funky. If you don’t like everyone around you marching to the beat of their own drummer, then you won’t like this town. There are more drumbeats around here than at a Rush concert.

2. If you are not good with a clutch.
3. If you don’t like motorcycles…they are everywhere.
4. You don’t like the outdoors. It would be a crime to live in an area like this and spend all day writing blogs or Tweeting or Facebooking.

Speaking of which, I’m just waiting for the school buses to do their thing, then I’m hitting the backroads this morning.





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