A Romantic Afternoon

My wife and I really look forward to our weekends. Because her day job is really a “day” job and my day job is actually a “night” job, we hardly ever see each other. Now, we are long way from being honeymooners. We have been married for 16 years. We are not “kids” anymore either. I turned 53 last week. But, believe it or not, we still love each other! We are one of those freaky couples who actually prefer to do most things together (we are not, however, one of those creepy couples who dress alike!). “Where are you going?” “Oh, just to the store to grab some milk. Want to go?” “Of course!” That is us. Well, we both have our limits. If she says, “I’m going to the ridiculously large, two story Forever 21 in our mall, I say, “Pass.” If I say that I am going to the motorcycle shop she says, “Have fun.”

Our weekends seem to fly by. Saturday was my birthday but I ended up having to roast coffee in the evening, so we thought we would do something fun on Sunday. We got in my car and headed east toward Four Roses, Buffalo Trace and the Wild Turkey distilleries. We got approximately 37 leisurely miles from home when my car decided to give up its anti-freeze. Luckily it was near a gas station so I pulled right in. I knew immediately what was wrong. It was a known problem with this car. This was going to require a tow truck.

We called roadside assistance, then settled in for a long wait. In the end, we spent our Sunday afternoon sitting in a booth at a Valero gas station in the middle of nowhere, waiting on a tow. We kidded with one another about what to have for our meal. Cheeze Its? Chex Mix? Maybe a hot dog that has made more revolutions on the spit than the Moon has orbited the Earth. Dessert? Easy. Little Debbies!4826

We finally got home about 4:00, tired, hot and smelling like convenience store…use your imagination. Not exactly the romantic afternoon we had in mind. The good news is, we can always try again this weekend…but we are taking Lori’s car!



2 thoughts on “A Romantic Afternoon

  1. Ouch! Sounds like a fun day…..not. We’re getting ready to relax on our apartment terrace in Venice and enjoy some nicely chilled prosecco…going out for a romantic dinner and gelato later…Ciao!

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