Common Bond

3 Ways Coffee & Motorcycles are Just Alike:

1. They both get my motor runnin’. Wednesday night (Thursday morning really) I went to bed at 3:00 am. Got up just before 8, hit the road to B-town at 9, came back to Louisville by 5 pm and headed to work. Got home at 1:00 am this morning, slept till 8:45. I was getting a haircut by 9:30. The gal cutting my hair said, “You look down.” I said, “I’m shot. I need coffee…bad.” And I need a good motorcycle ride. Nothing gets me moving like a steaming cup of coffee and watching the road disappear below my front wheel. How does that saying go? “Four cups moves the body, two wheels moves the soul?” Something like that.

2. They both relieve stress. Nothing is more relaxing that a steaming mug of coffee on a cool fall morning. Sitting outside on a deck, or a porch or a mountainside, its all good for the soul. When I would get angry I used to get on my dirt bikes and thrash them through the fields and woods. I would wheelie, slide, jump and crash. Somehow this made me feel better. I don’t have a dirt bike anymore and it hurts too much to crash, so instead, I just take a nice, relaxing ride in the countryside, listen to some Jackson Browne, or Springsteen, or Dylan or whoever…and just let it all go.

3. They both put a smile on my face. Coffee people or motorcycle people…I love them both. They are both colorful and interesting. They both have that romantic glint in their eyes. They both want to escape. Coffee people are full of passion. Motorcycle people live for the ride. Everything about roasting coffee (except grinding and bagging!) puts a smile on my face. Everything about riding motorcycles (except bees in my helmet!) makes me happy. When God made motorcycles and coffee He must have had a heck of a grin on His face!



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