Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Been sample roasting a lot of coffee lately…a lot of coffee. The aroma in my garage is starting to spark old memories. I started out in 2002 as a home roaster. I roasted in my garage. I also kept all my moto gear in the garage. As I progressed with the roasting hobby, I was spending more and more time in the garage roasting coffee. It was to the point that the aroma never really left. And the coffee chaff…it was everywhere! I would put on my helmet to go for a ride and I would smell coffee smoke the whole ride. Chaff would fly off my jacket when I put it on. To say that coffee impacted every aspect of my life, even my riding, would be an understatement. I even used my Ducati as a delivery vehicle. DSCF1696

Any time I roast coffee, whether its at the shop or just sampling in the garage, I end up wearing the aroma all day. Its in my nostrils, my hair, my clothes. More than once, after a long session of roasting, I have been standing in line at a store or the bank and noticed someone close by giving me the eye. “I know, I know, I smell like smoke!” But its a good kind of smoke! Not everyone agrees of course, My mother-in-law hated the aroma. My mother used to say it smelled like skunk. I never made that connection. I think it smells like caramelized sugar, which is exactly what is happening. Me, I think it smells like heaven. Any time I am riding around town and I catch a whiff of one of the other roasters doing their thing, all kinds of good feelings come rushing in. I did make one change, however. This time I keep my helmet in the house.




ps. this is my 100th post. It only took me about 5 years to get here! I wonder how many times I have repeated myself? Don’t answer that question!

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