I Had a Dream

My wife is a dreamer. No, not the same kind of starry-eyed, change the world dreamer that I am. I mean the “deep sleep, crazy stuff that doesn’t make sense” kind of dreams. Her dreams are always dramatic. It can’t just be, “I went to the mall and found a great pair of shoes, and they were on sale” sort of dream. No, someone is either killing her or I am cheating on her or I am leaving her. There seems to be one constant in her dreams…I am a bad guy! Not sure what that means, and please, if you interpret dreams, don’t tell me!

I never remember my dreams. Well, almost never. Last night I had a dream. I would say it was about a 10 second reel. Like normal, I have been thinking about buying a second motorcycle and what motorcycle I would want that to be. I have gone back and forth a thousand times. My current ride, a Triumph Street Triple R, is an awesome bike. I’ve done a little bit of everything on it, including travel. In fact, I hope to be pointing mine toward Asheville in a couple weeks. If you are familiar with these bikes then you know they are not really the best suited travel bikes.  I normally use three Kriegas
and a tank bag on this bike. Not ideal, but it works. So, last night I was dreaming about my “next” bike. Now, there is no shortage of bikes I am lusting for right now. I would love to have a few classics, maybe a Toaster tank Beemer, a Honda Scrambler, an old dual sport (Yamaha DT) and even a Kawasaki KZ. I also want a newer dual sport, a motard,  a KTM SMT and maybe even a Hack. Don’t want much, do I? What I really, really want, however, is a traveler; a machine I can get on when I want to go far or get there quick. Even though life has not really allowed much of this in recent years, that is something I enjoy…distance travel…exploring places I’ve never been. Riding to Chicago for a cup of coffee. Heading to Maine just so I can have a Lobster roll at a oceanside seafood shack (attempted this a couple years ago), those are the adventures I look forward to.

I realize you can do this with any bike if you are tough enough and, in fact, I have done so. However, certain machines make this task much easier and more enjoyable. I have had many such bikes in my life. I’ve owned a plethora of BMWs and even owned a Gold Wing once. Far and away, the best travel bike I ever owned was a Yamaha FJR 1300. It was easy to ride. The engine ran like a runaway freight train. It would go from 90 to eye strain in the twist of the wrist. However, after slightly less than a year of ownership and 10,000 miles, I traded it on my first of two Ducati Multistradas. The Ducati only had 90+ hp compared to the 150+ of the FJR. I never once got a ticket on the FJR. Had the Duc no time before I was pulled over for “excessive” speed.

Last night I had a dream. I dreamed I purchased my 3rd Ducati Multistrada. Only the news ones have 150 hp. In my dream, I  swung a leg over the red beauty (no small feat for me!), and headed off down a long, descending straight. I clicked the shifter up into 2nd gear and cracked the throttle. The front tire launched about 2 feet into the air. I looked down at the speedometer and I was doing 111 mph. I said to myself in a calm voice, “I am going to lose my license.” Then I grinned, proceeded to find the next gear and launch the entire bike off a downhill whoop!

That’s it. That is the entire dream. I’m not sure what it means but I think the moto gods might be telling me that my next bike is going to be another Red Devil and that I’m going to have a Hell of a time!Ducati Multistrada 1200  13




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