My Aching Feet

I’m sitting here this morning, having drained my cup dry, and all I can think about is, “my feet hurt!” I mean, they are killing me! I walk somewhere around 5-6 miles a night on concrete floors and it is taking its toll. I’m getting to the point where I am going to have to seek out a cure. Speaking of which, I was perusing the web for news and ran across a list of the many things that coffee is supposedly a cure for or preventer of. You ready for this?bdbe682c367a375fff92b65ca4c4cf58

1. Cancer. Might as well start at the top. Nearly every one of my close relatives (brother, sister, father, brother-in-law) have died from cancer. Now you know why I’m in the coffee business!

2. Alzheimer’s. Following closely on the heels of this one is “improved memory.” I may have to call foul here, because every time I leave a store, I can’t even remember where I parked. Heck, sometimes I don’t remember what I drove! Ever spend 10 minutes looking for sunglasses that, it turns out, were perched on top of your head? You know you have!

3. Diabetes. This has some association with sex hormone proteins. No, really. Apparently they help prevent diabetes and drinking coffee increases these proteins. Huh. My wife doesn’t drink coffee…figures.

4. Depression. Now this one makes sense. Nothing like a little pick me up to get your spirits lifted. Drinking the right coffee in the right atmosphere can make my day. I know, I’m weird.

5. According to the mighty “Oz” (I’m being facetious here), coffee can help cure headaches, colds and coffee grounds can stop a cut from bleeding.

All this got me to thinking about…my feet. I wonder. Surely not. Could there be hope and relief for me right here in my own house? So, you know what I did? I Googled it, and sure enough, coffee helps your feet! In fact they make a “coffee sock.” Does it cure feet pain? Well, that’s the rub; it doesn’t help with pain, but it does stop foot odor! download

My feet still hurt…but at least they smell good!




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