I can only think of one good thing about the odd work schedule I have: I get to enjoy my mornings on my terms. I get home about 1:15 in the morning. I usually have to wind down a bit and go to bed somewhere around 2:00 am. Not being one to want to waste my day, I try to make sure I’m up and running between 7:30-8:30. Well, maybe not running!

I have always been a morning person, so staying up late is sort of “against my will.” I spent the better part of 20 years getting up at 4:30 am and always enjoyed being active in the morning. Now days when I get up, my first move is for the coffee pot…or whatever coffee gadget I am currently using to brew with. This is non-negotiable. I do not function without that first cup of coffee. Then I head to the patio or table, fire up the laptop and start cruising the  news…mostly moto and coffee news…you know, the important stuff!

This morning I started out with a cup of Guatemala brewed on this device:



An hour later and I had a cup of the Natural Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Konga while listening to Jimmy Cornett sing “Little Lil.” Gotta carve out your happiness where you can! So, tell me, how do you start your day?




6 thoughts on “Non-Negotiable

    1. It is a Hario Pour Over Stand and Scales. You can get it from I use it almost every morning. I measure my water and coffee by weight rather than volume.

  1. I start my morning with a toddler sneaking in our bed at 6:45am. Like clockwork he taps me on the shoulder, whispers “mommy”, then to make sure I hear him, he yells “JUICE!”

  2. My morning starts with a toddler sneaking in our bed at 6:45am. Like clockwork he will tap me on my shoulder, whisper “mommy”, then to make sure I hear him he will yell, “JUICE!”

    1. Ha! If I remember correctly, my mornings used to start out with you climbing on top of my head and pulling my hair! Or maybe that was Cailin!

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