Top Ten Reasons

Here are the top 10 reasons I like being a coffee roaster more than a corporate manager:

10. I can listen to Zeppelin, The Stones or Springsteen when I roast coffee & no one complains

9. I hate polo shirts; I like t-shirts…or button ups, not not dress ones…only casual ones

8. I hate tucking my shirts in…don’t have to as a coffee roaster

7. Coffee smoke smells better than hydraulic fluid

6. You meet cool, laid back people as a coffee roaster. You meet uptight, stressed out binge drinkers as a manager

5. I can wear button fly jeans every day as a roaster…I try to do this as a manger, but I’m sure its frowned upon

4. I hate shoes…unless it is boots…otherwise sandals, flip flops or nothing.

3. Everyone thinks a coffee roaster has the coolest job in the world. They just think managers are dicks.

2. I sell a product I created with my own two hands, not something designed by a panel of engineers.

1. I work when I want, where I want and how I want. Nobody tells me what to do…and I like it that way!

Just finished roasting coffee, now I’m off to the “other” job…ick.





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